Lump Under Right Rib Cage What Is It?


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There are many things that a lump underneath or below the rib cage could suggest.  Firstly I must emphasise the importance of checking any lumps you may find with a doctor, as lumps may point to a more serious medical condition. 
Lumps in the body can range from tumours (a solid or fluid filled cystic growth that could be cancerous or benign) to infections or even inflammation of a cell.  The word tumour has often been misinterpreted as a word for a cancerous growth; however this is not true and tumours are simply a type of cell (glandular, fat or muscle) that has escaped from the patterns of normal, healthy growth and begun to multiply. 
It is possible that an infection to one of your glands has caused a temporary growth or inflammation under your skin; these infections can be treated with antibiotics.  It is also possible for inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis, to form lumps, named nodules, which can form when inflammation occurs in a cell.  It is, of course, also possible for lumps or growths that form in your body to be cancerous, in which case it is imperative that your condition is medically treated. 
If the lump is just a benign cyst or nodule, and does not cause too much pain, the best course of action may be to leave the lump, but again this is a decision that you will be able to make with your doctor.  On the other hand, if the cell is infected or cancerous it may be necessary for the lump to be removed so as not to cause further infection, or the spread of cancer.  Benign tumours do not invade or spread to other cells and, although they can grow quite big, present no harm to the surrounding cells or organs.
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The right side is where you have all or most of your vital organs. The liver is located there, right under rib cage on right side. If you push in and it hurts, could be early signs of liver problems. Even if just swelling, best to get blood tests to find out for sure if your liver is functioning normally.  If you take a lot of medication, or drink alcohol, these are all hard on the liver
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But it don't  hurt  until I rub it now that I notice its there it really bothers me
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Well apparently you have two rib cages, I would be more worried about that.

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