What Will Cause You Pain Right Under The Left Side Of Your Rib Cage When You Breathe?


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It sounds like pleurisy (water on the lung, literally in the pleural cavity, caused by an infection of some sort.) This will cause the membranes between your ribcage and your lungs to become sore. You must go to a doctor to have this checked out as it can become serious.
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I really feel it under my up right and up left mostly because every time and exhale I tend to force out the air from my lungs to my rib cage because I get light headed and dizzy and hurts to inhale as to exhale thru my mouth that's when hurts a lot every time I work out on the machine I start out fine but I have been going fast to burn calories so it hurts when don't at my own pace instead of starting out at my own pace any advice?
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I had this pain and have been diagnosed as having an inflamed area around the bone below my rib cage. Anti inflamitaries are pre scribed for this problem but it takes a while to heal as everyt time you breathe it pulls the area and makes it hurt. Apparently it affects women as men do not have this bone
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There can be several reasons for it. You must see your doctor for examination. However, this pain appears if you have gas trouble or if you have caught cold with some cold wind.

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