What Cause Pain Under Your Rib Cage?


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There could be a few things. Firstly, you must explore the possibility of a broken rib. This is usually quite unlikely but is certainly possible. When you get a broken rib the pain is generally more intense when you bend over or twist and move your body. Hence, the pain will be different to other conditions like those associated with the lungs.

Perhaps you have pleurisy. This is an inflammatory condition in the lining of the lungs, and it can be incredibly painful. It will take between weeks and months to be dealt with completely, and it can occur after you have had other illnesses like infections or pneumonia. It tends to be a pain that relates and synchronizes with your breathing. This is because the diaphragm expands and contracts when you breathe, applying pressure to this area. Coughing also makes the pain worse, too.

It could also be a gastrointestinal problem. There are possible gastrointestinal problems that can relate to this kind of pain. If the pain coincides with eating habits then you should go and talk to your doctor about the potential of it being a result of your digestive system. You would also know if the pain relates to a certain kind of food that you eat. Remember to consider this when trying to work out where the pain in your ribs is coming from.

You should get an examination by the doctor. When you make the visit to your family doctor, you will be asked many questions about the pain - hence, it may be a good idea to write down some details about the pain when you actually experience it so you can explain as well as possible to your doctor. Make sure they know every little detail and their diagnosis will be right.
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I have had the same pain and when I turn over to go to sleep at night it really hurts. I've had this for about 3 wks now. I'm thinking maybe from pushing these very heavy cartons at work filled with parts. I am not a big person at all. I'm looking for answers if you have them. It's not anything to do with the the breast, is it? The pain is like a stabbing under the right breast and upper right ribcage. Thanks
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Depends on if it is the entire rib cage or left or right, on the right side it could be your liver or gallbladder, or
appendix, on the left side possibly the pancreas, or heart, I am not the doctor.
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I also have the same pain and it has been there for about 4 weeks now, and doesnt seem to be getting any better. It feels like I'm a full all the time and hurts more when I am sitting down.Feels like something pushing up on my bottom right rib. Also when I go jogging it becomes more painful and cramps up. Looking on the net I have found it could be something to do with gallbladder, liver, appendix or kidneys.

I have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts but the last scan was clear so I don't think this pain is related.
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Could be the pancreas or the duodenal.  If pain is unrelenting and very hard, go to ER to rule out pancreatitis.  If duodenal and just hurts, then pepto or nausea medicine.  If you are a heavy drinker, it can cause pancreatitis, as well as gall bladder and scar tissue from previous surgeries in the abdomen.
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Hey if its under the right breast as you say and around the rib cage this is probably more than likely to be musclosketal related or pulled muscles in the chest wall I've had the same thing myself and it took around 7 to 8 months to go away I found taking ibruopfen relieved it abit but never really took all the pain away and it can be quite annoying the longer it goes on try using deep heat rubs or gels they do help out and maybe a little trip to the doc just to ease your mind if you have been worrying
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It could be any number of things: Any of the major organs not functioning properly. Even possible ribs may have been cracked, poking into the lungs. Your kidneys may have infection. Or infection in your lungs. Go to your doctor if the pain is persistent or gets worse.
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He just feels pain on right side under the rib cage more by the bottom though what would cause that pain
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I started having pain under my right breast after a car accident. The pain is not strong but its uncomfortable when I move around. What could be causing the pain?
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I have been getting a pain under my ribs when I lean forward its on both sides, its like as if when I lean forward my ribs are trapping something and squashing what ever is in the way an idea what it could be?
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Pain on the right side, under the ribs may be a sign of abdominal disorder. If it is a dull ache, or a burning sensation or a sharp, stabbing pain, you are suffering from some abdominal disorder.
You must go to a doctor as soon as possible because it might be dangerous to your pregnancy.
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Presence of any obstruction in the airway passage or on the entrance of lungs can cause this problem. This obstruction or narrowing of the passage and entrance of lungs can be due to infection. One other possibility is hernia at diaphragm. For differential diagnosis visit a doctor and get appropriate treatment.
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Your bra may not fit right and it is rubbing - especially with an underwire.  That is how I know it is time to go shopping.

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