Lately My Appetite Has Been Very Funny. I Haven't Been Eating Much. And When I Do I Feel Sick And Nausea's And I Get Full Very Very Fast. Any One Know What This Could Be?


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High stress levels are most often the cause of those kinds of symptoms. While some people focus their stress in their heads and get headaches most people focus it into their belly and get indigestion and various other G.I. Tract issues.
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I wonder if you are low on potassium, when you are low on it in your system, you tend to want to throw up. Drink some orange juice and eat potatoes or bananas. If this is the case, then you should stop wanting to hurl. If that doesn't help, then I suggest that you go and see your doctor about this o.k. Dear?
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Thanks! I ate some bananas just a little over a half an hour ago. And it seems to want to come up again. But im doing as you say and drinkin some orange juice. Maybe this will help/ i really appreciate the answerr thank you !!
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You are very welcome dear. I hope this will help you out. I don't like to see anyone suffering. If it doesn't help, go and see your doctor please.
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This has been happening to me too and I've tried drinking orange juice and potatoes, honestly, all I've been doing is drinking juice. I don't know what's wrong with me. >_

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