What Can Cause Tingling In Neck And Face?


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If its on the left side, it could be your heart or your neck. I had tingling on my left arm and face and like a burning sensation too, and I went to a heart dr, they did all these tests and found out my heart was normal. Months later, my neck started burning, and I went and got a MRI of my neck, I have bulging discs and arthritis in my neck. So thats where my burning and tingling came from all along,
in my arms and my face, it was because of my neck. Are you having any headaches?  
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It could be a pinched nerve, but it really is too hard to just diagnose. You really should go and see your doctor about this. Hope this helps, and good luck to you.
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It feels like I have a rash on the left side of my forehead but I don't and both my left ans right side of my ribs I do not have trouble breathing

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