How Many Types Of Cirrhosis Are There?


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There are different types of cirrhosis. Below is a brief description of them:

• Nutritional cirrhosis: This is also known as portal cirrhosis. This is the most prevalent type. This type mainly occurs among individuals who have a long history of alcoholism.

• Biliary cirrhosis: This type of cirrhosis mainly occurs due to liver bile-duct disease. For this reason, the bile flow gets impeded. Bile is formed within the liver and that bile is then carried over to the intestine through the bile-duct. This bile is very important for fat digestion. Now cirrhosis damages the bile-duct and hampers bile to flow smoothly to the intestine.

• Postnecrotic cirrhosis: This is primarily caused by chronic liver infections. Almost 40% of the patients of cirrhosis may get affected by this type of cirrhosis.

• Pigment cirrhosis: This is also known as hemochromatosis. This type of cirrhosis causes inability to metabolize iron. This is prevalent in 5-10% of the cases.

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