What Causes Throbbing On The Lips?


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Throbbing pain on the lips may be caused by a medical condition known as angioedema - this syndrome increases swelling in the lip area, and it is usually the result of heredity. However, swelling in the lips may also be a severe allergic reaction, caused by some substance that touches the lips or another nearby part of the body. Typical culprits of allergic reactions in the lips may include cosmetics, foods and drinks.

  • A GP can diagnose this condition

Sometimes, angioedema or severe allergic reactions can be quite dangerous - since there are multiple reasons why people can experience swelling in the lips, it's important for them to seek out medical care from a qualified GP who can properly diagnose the problem and put together a course of treatment. If there is swelling in the throat (airway) as well as the lips, this is very dangerous, and the afflicted person should seek out medical care immediately - by visiting a local Emergency room at a hospital, or even by calling an ambulance.

  • Anaphylaxis is dangerous

Since swollen airways can indicate the presence of a sometimes-deadly allergy (known as anaphylaxis), time is of the essence when the lips, throat and airway seem swollen or constricted. People with anaphylaxis must get an injection to ease their symptoms; some people carry EPI pens along with them to inject themselves if they are stung by a bee or encounter another substance to which they are severely allergic. Peanut, bee sting, and shellfish allergies are just a few examples of potentially-fatal allergies that may cause swelling of the lips and airway.

Sometimes, ice wrapped in a clean cloth can be applied to the lips - the coolness of the ice will often reduce swelling, and it may assist with pain management. Medications, such as Advil, generally provide excellent temporary relief from pain and inflammation.

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