What Causes Foot Calluses And Athletes Foot?


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Calluses may develop on the ball of your foot; if they do, you can obtain wedges, lifts and appliances to relieve the excess pressure on this area. In the meantime keep on looking for shoes that really fit, that allow for the movement of the bones of your feet and yield to their expansion and swelling.
In the close confines of your shoes, heat and moisture often build up, and under these conditions an ordinarily harmless fungus can become active in a skin crack or crevice. Athlete's foot or ringworm of the foot will remind you to give closer attention to the care of your feet. If you should get the signs of athlete's foot, wash your feet twice a day with a non-irritating soap, drying well between the toes, then apply an antifungus medication. Start the treatment as soon as a rash appears, because it can spread once it gets a "toehold." Should an extensive infection occur, it is usually wise to consult a doctor for more specific treatment.
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A fungus called trichophyton causes athlete's foot.  It thrives in warm moist environments--in tight fitting shoes, at gyms, swimming pools, foot salons, in socks, clothing, etc....Excessive sweating causes this fungus to spread.

Calluses are caused by repeated friction and pressure to an area.  They can develop on the hands and feet or any part of the body.
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I'm pretty sure that the wrong pair of trainers can cause that, so you need to be careful. Especially if you're a professional sports player or an athlete. When I was doing sports, it was really important for me, but now I just watch sports matches and place bets with MLS picks today from time to time, so I don't really need to care about it that much anymore.

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