What Causes My Foot To Get Hot?


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You don’t say whether you have any other symptoms, but one of the symptoms of Morton’s neuroma is a burning sensation in your foot. This is a condition where fibrous tissue forms round a nerve in the foot, compressing and irritating it, and if left untreated can lead to permanent damage. It usually affects the nerve that is at the base of the third and fourth toes.

Other symptoms of Morton’s neuroma include pain in the foot, although you may go for long periods when you are pain free. You may also find that you have some swelling around the affected area. If left alone, the neuroma will certainly get bigger, and this means that the symptoms will become worse.

There are a few reasons why you may develop Morton’s neuroma. One of them is wearing badly-fitting shoes; another is if you have a tendency to turn your foot or toes upwards, or roll your foot inwards. Runners often get this because of the nerve irritation that can occur over long periods of time.

You may be referred to see either a physiotherapist or a podiatrist for this condition, and the things that may be suggested to relieve your discomfort can include wearing a gel pad or a special insole in your shoe which will give support and keep the arch of your foot in an elevated position. Over time, this will prevent the damaged nerve from being compressed. If you have any swelling, you may be required to use a cold compress, though don’t ever apply this directly onto your skin; use a towel as a barrier.

You may also be given a deep tissue massage, and some exercises to do that will stretch and strengthen your foot. While this is all going on, you can take some over-the-counter pain relief, like ibuprofen, which will ease any pain and will also reduce inflammation.
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If it really feels hot when you touch the area with your hand, then you have inflammation there.
If you get the sensation of heat, but when you touch it it is no warmer than the rest of your foot, then you have neuropathy - the heat sensitive nerve is "firing" when it shouldn't.
Either way I think you would do well to see a podiatrist or doctor.
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Hot sensation in my foot

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