How Long After Having Your Gall Bladder Removed Can You Drink Alcohol?


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This question cannot be given a universal answer as everyone’s body will respond differently to having their gall bladder removed. The tolerance to consume alcohol after the gall bladder is removed will vary from one person to the next. If you are worried or concerned about what effect drinking alcohol will have on your body, it is always best to speak to a health professional or doctor first.
Alcohol tolerance will vary as some people may find they encounter problems with it after having the gall bladder removed. After time, their bodies may not react as badly and they will find they can drink more alcohol without having unpleasant side effects. Others though may never be able to consume alcohol without having some form of side effects. Then there are other people who may find they can drink as often as and as much alcohol as they used to consume before having the operation carried out. It really comes down to the individual themselves so there is no real right or wrong answer to this question.
Some of the side effects of drinking too much alcohol or drinking it too soon after having the gall bladder removed may include having severe diarrhoea. This is because after the gall bladder is removed, the bile from the liver will go directly into the liver. Having severe diarrhoea causes an individual to become very dehydrated so this is why a lot of people cannot tolerate alcohol after having their gall bladder removed. Then again, some will find their tolerance improves with time.
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The gall bladder is an important part of the body which stores bile that is produced by the liver. Bile is useful for breaking down fatty food for the digestive system. Normally gall bladder removal does not come in the way of a normal balanced diet. You can start drinking alcohol once you have fully recovered, that takes usually 10-12 days. But remember moderation is the key so do not drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol in a day otherwise you can get complications.

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