Can You Drink Alcohol After Your Gall Bladder Has Been Removed?


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It is not unusual for people to feel ill after having gall bladder surgery. Many people feel especially sick if they try to drink alcohol in the initial period after they've had their gall bladder removed.
There are numerous reasons for this. The gall bladder stores bile which is produced by the liver and this can cause problems. The bile sometimes gets stuck together and stones are formed in the gall bladder. This is not a direct result of alcohol and alcohol has no affect on the function of the gall bladder. After the removal of the gall bladder this bile goes directly into the stomach of the person who had the surgery and can cause issues such as diarrhoea. Alcohol can also cause diarrhoea, this is the reason why the two do not mix well as they are hard on the intestine and cause sickness, nausea and a whole host of stomach problems.
As time passes however tolerance is improved and a person should have no problems drinking again. There are other suggestions that the bile also plays with the property that regulates the breaking down of alcohol. This would explain why you can't drink and why you get feelings of nausea and other issues after ingesting alcohol.
Any form of surgery can cause issues with foreign and toxic substances being put into the system. The advent of stitches and anaesthetics cause numerous problems and balance issues for the body to contend with and these are also a likely factor in the ill way you feel after ingesting alcohol. Just ease off the alcohol for a little while and you shall probably feel fine in a matter of weeks.
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Gallbladder stores bile which is produced by the liver. Sometimes, stones are produced in gallbladder and can cause problems.This condition require surgical removal of gallbladder. Alcohol has no role in the development of gallstones or it has no effect on the normal functions of gallbladder. After the gallbladder removal, bile directly goes in to the intestine from liver and this condition can cause diarrhea. Alcohol can also cause diarrhea. This is main reason that some people can not tolerate alcohol after gallbladder removal due to diarrhea. But as the time passes, your tolerance is improved and you can drink.
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I a severe pain for 4 days after I drink any alcohol where my gull bladder was. What causes that?
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No I don't think so because if you have any alcohol you'll start vomiting and experience nausea and something called acid reflux. So I think drinking alcohol after gall bladder surgery is a bad idea ...

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