What Kind Of Confusion Over Early Symptoms Of HIV Time Frame?


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I have a sore throat for two weeks now. Is that one of the symptom? A friend said it is.
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The primary or sere exchange illness usually starts in the region of week 4 - 8 in most people a number of a little earlier some slightly later, but not all and sundry has serotonin version illness concerning twenty percent contain no symptoms at all. You can't make a diagnosis from symptoms you can no more than diagnose from a blood test.    I f you are concerned, that you may have constricted HIV then go for a blood examination, Symptoms may just be another disease i.e. Flu or mono but you require to wait at smallest amount six weeks after previous exposure to get a 90+% precise result and 12 weeks for a 100% primary of all it depends on the unique physical state of the individual, secondly and additional importantly it depends on the damage of the virus constricted there are 13 different strains of the disease some cause occupied blown AIDS in as modest as 6months while others take as extended as 10years to cause the human being to develop AIDS.    The biggest misapprehension that you have is that HIV is not curable by antibiotics, antibiotics mechanism on bacteria, protests on the whole any single celled organism, AIDS/HIV is a virus completely dissimilar, apples and oranges. As far as symptoms goes, HIV is almost symptom less, AIDS is an understandable depletion of the resistant system.
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Kinds of HIV?

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