What Does The Rash Look Like For Hiv Or Aids?


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First of all, you need to remember that HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which means that it alone does not necessarily cause major health problems. HIV does eventually develop into AIDS, which is the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, but neither of these conditions will inevitably result in specific symptoms. Rather, they are conditions that weaken your natural immune system which makes you more susceptible to various kinds of infection. Of course, it also makes it more difficult for you to fight these infections.

That said, when you first contract HIV you probably won’t know it until you notice a dark skin rash that typically presents approximately three weeks after the initial infection. This rash is common but not necessarily present in all people who are infected. The characteristics of this rash are:

- Small, dark, centralized bumps or blotches

- Commonly appearing on the face, torso, hands, feet, or genitals

-  May appear dark red or brown if you have light skin

-  May appear dark purple or black if you have dark skin

- Tender, sore, itchy

If you do not suspect that you came in contact with HIV and you see these symptoms it is a good idea to see a doctor as they are obviously symptoms that could be associated with any number of skin irritations or infections like:

- Molluscum contagiousum,

- Herpes simplex

- Herpes zoster

- Kaposi sarcoma

At the same time, there are other symptoms associated with an HIV infection (because it is a virus so the body reacts to it accordingly). These could include:

- Fever

- Diarrhea

- Swollen glands/inflammation

- Muscle aches

- Sore throat

- Lethargy

Again, regardless of your knowledge of your proximity to HIV or any other disease or condition, you should see a doctor when symptoms arise. This is the best way to treat whatever it is that could be ailing you.
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Guys just  get your self to a clinic and get checked out , I use to think that I was infected with hiv but when I got tested few month ago now I was in the clear , the mind can play games with you at times so do your self a favour and get tested trust me the best thing you can do for your self  anxiety is a bad thing .

Good luck
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Totally sensible comment. If you think you might have contracted hiv, the last place that you should be looking for answers is on internet forums, based on this type of unregulated, unqualified content you will convince yourself that you have all manor of disorders. The only sure way to deal with it is get a test.
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I’ve been half a dozen times over the years, it’s good to get a clean bill of health and it’s responsible. People seem to forget that being sexually irresponsible is not only putting your health at risk, but also all those with whom you have sexual relations.
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I started with a skin rash on my hand it look like light red skin rash couple weeks past and now I have like red dots and white dots on both of my hands could this be a sign oh aids
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My name is bob aand I have aids the rash changes collor and ometimes might burn the colors are violet blue pink and green oh and the usuall red
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Started out about 4 days ago as a big red bump with a white head, not it has gotten smaller and another one has just appeared in the same area of stomach. No other area has them and it is not sore, no other symptons of an illness
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HIV is transmitted by contact of body fluids. The incubation period is 2-12 years. There is no difference between a rash due to HIV and a common rash. Your problems might be due to contact allergy. To exclude HIV, go for test
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HIV rash is small, slightly raised and dark in color. For details, visit this link.
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Unless they were bleeding from the mouth you're in the clear....I'm 19 the second person I slept with....Gave me...Yeah....I'm getting myself checked this week....Hopefully I'm in the clear please pray for me....
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I have a three year old that drank after someone that I Know has Aids can my child contact that from her? I feel bad for anyone that has it but, if you think that you could and have never been checked don't kill our innocent babies over it they don't even know what sex is? Let them have a chance.
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It can cause little purple dots all over your body my best friends sister died of HIV and her back had those dots on them

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