Once Cancer Has Spread Throughout Your Body, How Long Do You Have To Live?


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Although there have been many advances and breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer, it is still difficult to calculate life expectancy of someone who has the disease because of the many variables that exist. For example, it could depend on how early or late the diagnosis was made, and what treatment has been given up to this point. Even when cancer has been diagnosed as being terminal, these aspects can determine the ultimate outcome.

Palliative care is also something that can be taken into consideration when it comes to the life expectancy of a terminally ill cancer patient.

There is much anecdotal evidence about that illustrates how difficult it is to estimate how long a patient can be expected to live when cancer has spread throughout their bodies, with many people living a lot longer than was predicted, while others seem to give up the moment they realise they are so very ill.

Besides this type of evidence there have also been studies done. In one such study, 248 patients with advanced cancers whose treatment was considered to be no longer effective were given a life expectancy by their oncologist.

Of those 248 people, 225 died during the study, with an average survival rate of 15.3 weeks. Only 25 per cent of the estimates were accurate; 50 per cent were overestimated and 23 per cent were underestimated.

This study had a serious intention: Over estimation can mean that many patients do not receive appropriate end of life care because it is thought that they have longer to live than they actually do. This is vital for the comfort, dignity and support of the person involved, and so it was concluded that the clinical estimate for life expectancy should not be the only criteria when making a prognosis.
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My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer over a year ago. The dr's said she had 6months and its been over a year. She recently a few days ago went to the hospital with pain, and they discovered it has spread to her bones and liver. I do not go by what a DR says anymore. It is up to that person's will to live and God on how much time they have left. The dr's can only guess, so don't let what one says be the writing in stone for you. God bless all of you who are dealing with this horrible disease. My prayers are with all of you.
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Hate to be the bearer of bad news but this at some point will be fatal, and the most they can do is keep the patient comfortable, just went through this with a family member....the best to you
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No one can tell you how long someone has to live.  As far as a cancer diagnosis, live everyday to the fullest like it is the last and get the most out of everyday.
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There is no accurate way of answering that, it depends on the person and their body, but once the cancer has metastized throughout the body and organs, it's usually short term.  It could be days, it could be weeks.  So sorry. 
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Well it all kinda depends on your will to live. Some people can live for years and others only weeks. I am so sorry that you have cancer and I wish you all the best, take care
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Prostate cancer is one of the common cancers affecting men. One good thing about this cancer is that this cancer grows slowly and in the start it confined to its origin. But some types of prostate cancer spread quickly. So, early detection has good prognosis. Prostate cancer can spread to bones and nearby organs. If it spread to hip bone then prognosis is good because hip bone is not a vital organ. Proper treatment can cause delay in metastasis.
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Once cancer has started to spread or "metastasize", there is little hope of stopping or reversing the cancer. As the cancer spreads, it will attack many organs, some of which may not be noticeable until an autopsy is performed. The best suggestion for someone who has experienced such a large spread of the cancer cells is to seek palliative care, work on removing the pain so that the cancer patient can have some form of comfort.
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I have had cancer of breast, colon, lymph node and now lung. I now find that I have some difficulty with my memory. What are the chances that this cancer has spread to the brain.
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This is a very critical situation when the cancerous cells reach to brain. As brain controls function of all vital organs including respiration and movement of diaphragm, the cancerous cell in brain disturb the coordination of brain with all system of body and The patient may die immediately or within few days.
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My sister in law has liver cancer we have just found out that it has spread to the spine and can't fill any thing from waist down. Is this the last stage.
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My sister had breast cancer 30 years ago, now it is back it has spread.  My family is believing for the best, and we are keeping her spirits up.  One of my other big sisters encourages her to put on her make-up and to still dress up.  I admire my big sister that is fighting the breast cancer she is so strong, she inherited this trait from our mom.  We believe in miracles and that God answers prayers, if he grants her a miracle wonderful if she goes to be with beloved love ones it is okay.  Either way she gets her healing because in heaven there is no sickness.

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My aunt had breast cancer and had the boob taken after a couple months it has spread from her boob to her right lung and deteriorated her right rib( sorry for spelling) and now its in her bones...she has coughed up blood and doesnt even stay awake for long she mostly sleeps wont eat wont drink...its been since april and she is still trying to stay alive for her family and its now I can't honestly answer grandma had lung cancer they told her oct 05 and she died christmas morning 05...
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You can certainly live longer if you don't eat anything until noon. This study came from the King James Bible, the most accurate translation, in Ecclesiastes 10:16&17. It also controls hepatitis C so that no treatment is necessary. It is no coincidence that fifteen percent of the population skips breakfast and that fifteen percent of hepatitis C patients need no treatment. Hepatitis C is a killer disease. When to eat is too subjective a field of research because the researchers are so emotionally tied to their eating habits. This is not to say that you should not take the prescribed medical treatments. They must be taken. But not eating until noon must be done in addition to the medical treatments. It is most important: Do not eat breakfast; do not break the fast.

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