Can Multiple Sclerosis Cause Low Blood Pressure?


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Multiple sclerosis is neural disorder in which myelin sheath of the nerves cells is lost. This condition can cause delay or blockage in conduction of impulses. There are many conditions which can affect nervous system leading to low blood pressure like multiple sclerosis, diabetes, nerve damage due to age and Parkinson's disease.
A medicine called Dibenzyline which is used for bladder control in MS patient, also cause low blood pressure. So, low blood pressure is directly related with multiple sclerosis and some medicines used to treat MS.

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I have ms and my ms didnt cause my low blood pressure I just happen to suffer with it but what you can do is get a bag of chips from the chipper with plenty of salt and vinegar or a glass of Guinness (I don't drink) so I go for the chips but if its really low Addison's disease tablets also bring it up we have tries it my doctor tries different medication for other things
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