How Do You Get Heart Cramps?


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Heat cramps seem to be linked to heat, poor conditioning, and dehydration, as well as to a loss of salt or other such mineral imbalances. Excessive Sweating can lead to a loss of too much of both salt and water from your body. This deficiency makes your temperature to rise and this can result in heat cramps.

It is important to note that older people as well as children are usually unable to adjust very easily to the changes in the weather. As a result it is more likely that they will experience heat cramps if staying out in hot weather.

Heat cramps typically get better after resting, a cool environment and drinking water. It is also generally helpful to consume foods which have a higher salt content such as saltine crackers, celery or pretzels.
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A woman at worked collapsed,when taken to hospital they told her that she had a heart cramp.what is that?

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