What Are White Blood Cells?


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White blood cells are known as leukocytes. These are cells that are manufactured by the body in the bone marrow. They form part of the blood and help the body fight infection. They number from seven to twenty five thousand per drop of blood in a healthy human being. White blood cells are broadly classified into either Granulocytes or Agranulocytes; which are further divided into types. When a disease breaks out within the body it is these white blood cells that attack it; they either produce antibodies to fight the disease or surround and devour it. They can even increase in number to fend of a resistant disease. Types of white blood cells include neutophils (fights bacteria), Eosinoophil (fights parasites), basophil (releases histamine to tackle allergies), Lymphocytes (includes B cells, T Cells and Natural Killer Cells), Monocyte and Macrophages.
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The are three types of cells in the blood. These are 1.platelets, which help in clotting the blood. 2. The red blood cells which carry oxygen to different parts from the lungs 3 . White blood cells, these help fight against infection.T these r like the army of the body, they protect against foreign invasion.Depending upon their physical characteristics these white blood cells are cells are further classified as granulocytes and agranulocytes.The granulocytes are further of 3 types neutrophils,eosinophils and basophils. These names are given according to the type of stain they take up in the labortory.Then the agranulocytes are further classified as lymphocytes and monocytes.
So in case of any infection in the body the production of these white blood cells increases.Hence its an indicator of infection.Also the decrease in white blood cells indicated that the bone marrow where all these cells are manufactured is being suppressed in function by some drugs.Also the whits blood cell count decreases in diseases like AIDS and HIV.

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