Would Someone With A White Blood Cell Count Of 20,000 Have Leukemia?


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Normal values of a white blood cell count in adult males and females should range from around 4,500 to 10,000. Anything within this range is considered to be perfectly normal.

Slightly elevated white blood cell counts can signify a small infection, which means that the body has increased the amount of white blood cells in your system to try and fight off the infection. It could also be a sign that you have anaemia. However, a high white blood cell count does not mean for sure that a person has leukaemia. There are other factors that could be involved. Usually, the more serious the infection, the higher the white blood cell count. In relation to women, their white blood cell count is usually higher right before they begin menstruating.

There are a lot of other symptoms of leukaemia that you can keep an eye out for. Some people feel sick or nauseous, they may have a fever or the chills, they may experience night sweats or other flu-like symptoms. If the leukaemia cells manage to get to the central nervous system then neurological symptoms such as headaches may start to present themselves. But all of these symptoms can be linked to other illnesses so to make sure that someone has leukaemia, blood tests must be conducted for a proper diagnosis.

The word leukaemia itself means ‘white blood’ which relates to the high white blood cell count that the majority of patients have before they begin their treatment for the illness. Because white blood cells are known for ridding the body of infections and diseases, a high white blood cell count may not seem like such a bad thing. However, these extra white blood cells are often immature or dysfunctional and such a high number of cells can interfere with other types of cells which can cause a harmful imbalance in the blood count.
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My doctor told me most leukemia patients have a cell count 22,000 or higher
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I had a count of 17,000 and it was from an infection so no that does not mean you have Leukemia.
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Such a high white blood cell count could be an indication of your system fighting some sort of infection not only leukemia. This is best to be monitored, and medications may have to me administered. I knew of someone who had a similar count, doctors thought it might me leukemia, it was actually due to malnutrician and bad living habbits. Continue to follow up with doctor to see if count goes up. In the meantime, healthy living such as good food, and exercise are important. God bless and hope all goes well

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