What Is A Nursing Diagnosis For Brain Tumor?


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A nursing diagnosis for a brain tumor would be included in a nursing care plan which nurses have to fill out when they are dealing with a certain patient.

  • How would a nursing diagnosis be written?
The diagnosis section would consist of a small list of factors that are being affected in the patient by the brain tumor. For example, a nurse may write down 'acute pain' and then explain what is causing it. Alongside that they may note down the physical effects of the brain tumor such as hair and weight loss. Furthermore, the nurse will make a note of behavioral factors that are changing due to the illness.

  • How to write a nurse care plan
With regards to the rest of the care plan, the first thing that a nurse will write down is the name, age and occupation of the patient in question. They will then go on to describe in a few paragraphs the events that took place during their shift with the patient. It is important that they note down every detail because these plans are used to monitor the patients progress.

  • Assessment
The next part of the plan will identify the assessment that was taken place during the shift and how the patient reacted while it was being carried out. Again, every relevant detail is made a note of for the overall reports.

  • Reactions and planning
Once the assessment was carried out, the nurse will write down the responses and reactions of the patient and note any changes in behavior. The next part of the plan will identify the changes the nurse will make in the future to help comfort the patient and adhere to their needs. She will end the plan stating the final events of the shift with the patient.
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Pain, knowledge deficit, caregiver role stress, risk for infection, risk for nutritional deficit

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