I Have A Knot On My Back, How Could It Have Been Caused?


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A knot typically refers to a painful swelling that appears suddenly. It represents muscle spasm, the sustained contraction of a number of muscle fibers. The muscle is irritated, either as a consequence of a strain, torn muscle fibers or a blow to the muscle. Excessive prolonged use may be the underlying cause. It may also occur with normal exertion if we engage in vigorous exercise without warming up. Strained, torn, or detached muscles are generally exquisitely tender. The pain encountered is often described as burning pain. The application of cold (ice) initially, and later heat, may relieve the discomfort and tension.

Torn muscles usually heal with time, but require light exercise to prevent scarring that may result in some limitation of movement. The exercise regimen should be undertaken only with the supervision of a doctor or physical therapist. Medications which reduce inflammation and muscle spasm may be helpful. Serious tears and detached muscles may require surgery. Less painful 'knots' may consist of a bruise, bleeding and pooling of blood within muscle tissue. They generally resolve quickly (in a matter of days) with little specific treatment.

Masses that develop slowly, especially those that are not particularly uncomfortable, may be due to other causes, some harmless, others less harmless, a few serious. One relatively harmless cause for a lump would be a lipoma, fatty tumor that is typically smooth, mobile and present outside the muscle. All new masses should be examined by a physician, particularly if they are connected to, or are part of a muscle.

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