What's The Sharp Pain On Left Side Of Forehead?


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There are two possible reasons why you are experiencing sharp pain on the left side of your forehead. You could be suffering from a migraine, or it could be from sinusitis. People that suffer from migraines are usually intelligent, rigid, sensitive,  perfectionists and methodical in nature?

A migraine headache is usually one sided. It is usually paroxysmal in its nature. This means that your migraine will be a severe attack that will recur periodically. The pain will come on suddenly. Due to your neck and head muscles always overworking, there will be pressure on your blood vessels here. This causes a reduction of blood flow in this area. When you relax, muscles in your head that have been constricted will now expand. This will lead to the arteries stretching, resulting in a throbbing pain.

Symptoms of migraine include a throbbing pain, vomiting, nausea and vertigo. You might experience light flashes in the front of your eyes. Excessive drinking and smoking habits as well as continuous overwork, stress and not enough sleep could be some causes. An effective home treatment is the juice from ripe grapes as well as beetroot and carrot juice. Foods containing niacin such as sunflower seeds, tomatoes, green leafy veggies and whole wheat could help with migraines. Steam inhalation every day for a few minutes could ease the headache. Eight hours of sleep really is necessary.

Sinusitis is a chronic inflammation of your nasal passages and sinuses. The infection could cause pressure and pain in the cheek area, nose, and eyes and on the side of your head. Other telltale signs of sinusitis could be nasal congestion, bad breath, fever and cough. If in any doubt as to what is causing this pain, it is always wiser to speak to your doctor for a prognosis and treatment.
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If you are having only the pain on the one side of the forehead, it can be the migraine. Other reasons can be high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and depression. The tumor of brain cause many more symptoms along with pain. These are vomiting, nausea, mood changes, seizures, problem of walking, vision, numbness in arms etc. I advise you to visit a doctor for the diagnosis of cause of the pain and its treatment.  For more information about brain tumor, visit Brain tumor
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You should take a visit to the doctor.
It might be a serious or minor problem but whatever it is you should go for a check up.

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