What Are The Symptoms Of ICH In Fish?


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Ich, also called Ichthyophtirius (after the parasite that causes it) or White Spot disease (based on the predominant symptom of the disease), is a very commonly occurring disease seen in fish. The disease affects the gills and the fins of fish, and is commonly seen in aquarium fish. The parasites get into the skin of the fish and live off the tissue and fluids. Ich is treatable. However, if left untreated, it can cause death.

There are quite a few symptoms associated with ich. The most prevalent is the appearance of salt grain-like spotting on the body of the fish; this is what gives the disease its alternate name. The skin becomes slimy. The slime is because of the secretion of mucus, which forms a heavy cover on the body of the fish. Besides, the fish displays erratic behavior while swimming, and constantly scrapes the different objects or sand particles at the bottom of the tank. The eyes get clouded over, and the fish shows a distinct lack of interest in feeding.

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