What Are The Symptoms Of Throat Cancer?


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Throat cancer involves the part of throat which is just at the back of the mouth. In early stages the throat cancer is generally painless or might have slight symptoms.

Cancer involves the body's fundamental unit like cell. Cancer happen when cells become abnormal and keep isolating and shaping more cells with out any control or order.

In the initial stages of throat cancer the symptoms are likely to resemble with a chest cold. These symptoms are as follows:

• Constant painful and tender throat.
• Roughness and Cough.
• Soreness or trouble while eating or swallowing.
• Inflated lymph glands in the neck.
• Traces or taste of blood in saliva.
• Pain in Ear.
• Nose bleeding.

There are several of non-serious conditions that might be a source of these symptoms, if one is facing or having these symptoms he or she should visit his/her doctor for help and advice.

The causes of Throat Cancer are:
• Too much smoking
• Too much intake of alcohol.
• Breathing diesel fumes, asbestos or coal.
• Poor cleanliness.
• Too much intake of salty meat.
• Irregular tissue development.
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The dentist said there are white and red sores on my throat when I eat I cough and chock it also always feels as if I have heart burn in my throat
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I have a bump in my throat that is not my adam's apple. What would that be?
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I'm a regular drinker of alcohol and my throat is a little tender, does that mean I may start developing throat cancer?
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Pain inside of mouth tongue feels swollen and numb with a tingle feeling. Roof of my mouth feels the same and my jaw line at the bottom.

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