What Is Appendicitis?


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The word appendicitis is used to define the condition in which the appendix (the part of the human body) gets inflamed. The inflammation of the appendix is often associated with severe pain on the right-hand side of the lower part of the abdomen of the patient. The appendix is defined as that part of the human body which is large in size and tubular in structure. It is attached to the colon in the human body.

The pain may vague in the initial stages of appendicitis, but the patient may experience some pain around the umbilicus. This pain that is experienced around the umbilicus of a person is known as perimbilical pain. The patient experiences perimbilical pain at the early stages of the disease which is known as appendicitis. The treatment of the disease which is known as appendicitis involves the removal of the appendix from the body of the patient by a surgeon.
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Some other symptoms of appendicitis are loose stools and vomiting. These come in some patients but not all. The only true way to tell if you have appendicitis is to go to the doctor. You will run a fever and feel lousy because it is an infection and the body will send out white blood cells to combat the inflammation. If the doctor takes your blood and finds that you have a high white cell count then and severe right sided stomach pain he may want to do other tests because he may suspect appendicitis.

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