What Is Wrong With Me I Have To Go To The Bathroom Immediately After Eating?


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It could be long has it been going on because it could be also could have IBS irratable bowel syndrome(you go from one extreme to the other either the runs or being consitpated).It could be more serious like chrones disease or and ulcerated colon.I have IBS and I have to go to the bathroom after I eat dr. Told me to eat activia yogurt.It really has helped.if it keeps up go get it checked out.
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It sounds like you just have a well-developed gastro-colic reflex. Unless you are losing weight or feel unwell there is nothing to worry about.
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Its been going on for 2years but has got worst now as soon as I finish my last bit I'm in the bathroom
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Well, apart from the other digestion problems that you might be facing. It is a good idea to monitor your diet and eating habits. A digestion problem does not make you go to the bathroom right after your meal. You might be practising the wrong eating habits or might have an eating disorder. The feeling of going to the toilet to purge or excretion immediately after you eat is a symptom of eating disorders like Bulimia or Binge eating disorder. You are required to check your regular eating disturbances and behaviour. Do you eat more then required or feel a psychological pressure while eating? Check for symptoms of an eating disorder, if you do not see any. Consult a doctor or avoid substances that cause you to excrete right after eating them.
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Sorry, but you're full of crap, no pun intended. There are plenty of physical problems that could be causing this to happen. Eating disorder, what a load !

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