What Kind Of Test Does A Pulmonary Specialist Perform?


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A doctor who specialises in the treatment of pulmonary diseases is called a pulmonologist. The word pulmonologist is defined as a physician who possesses the specialised knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat ailments that afflict the pulmonary system that is the lungs.

Pulmonology is classified as one of the sub-specialities in the field of internal medicine. Pulmonologists performs a variety of tests which are broadly classified as pulmonary function tests (which are abbreviated as PFT) or as lung function tests.

PFT, or pulmonary function tests, are done for the purpose of measuring how finely the lungs inhale and exhale air and also for the purpose of measuring how efficiently the lungs convey oxygen into the blood. There are various types of pulmonary function tests (which is abbreviated as PFT) such as spirometry, the lung volume measurement test and testing the diffusion capacity (which is also known by its abbreviation DLCO).

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