Can Strep Throat Kill You?


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Kyoko Katayama answered
The strep throat infection, by itself won't kill you.  But if left untreated, it can cause rheumatic fever and damage to the valves inside the heart.  THAT can kill you.
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Rod Lords answered
Various problems in taking the meal and refreshments are present as a result of the strong anguish in the throat due to the actual strep throat symptoms. If this happens you must visit your health practitioner at the earliest opportunity since you will get weaker unless you get ample meals. To prevent lack of fluids it is usually better to take sufficient liquids. Should this happen, then you definitely ought to take a good amount of rest and even take a lot more fluids than usual including drinking water, fruit drinks, soups and so forth. It truly is especially good to use fluids that contain carbohydrates. You'll want to stay clear of sipping espresso or work with any caffeinated drinks since they aid in losing h2o from the system.

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