What Is Strep Throat?


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Strep throat is a kind of infection of the throat that spreads very easily. Some of the signs with which you can find out that a person has this disease include red and white patches in throats, swelling, red and enlarged tonsils, headache and lower stomach pain. There are some other signs also that that are considered as the symptoms of this disease and that include fever, rashes, loss of appetite, nausea, general discomfort and uneasiness or ill feeling.

The bacteria that cause the disease stay always in the throat and nose and it is this phenomenon that makes it easy for the disease to spread even by shaking hands with the person who is infected. The disease also spreads because of coughing and sneezing.

To detect the disease you can visit a diagnostic centre and with the use of some simple tests they can detect it and with the use of antibiotics it can be cured.

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