Why Are Nitrates Commonly Used For Chest Pain?


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The human anatomy is truly unique and so are the various aches and pains associated with each part, at least to a doctor. Medical science has evolved to become distinct in dealing with the system and complexities that arise out of serious malfunction. Medication available today is equally challenging and covers almost any ailment.
In most cases, it is seen that a person reacts almost hysterically to a chest pain.

This is due to the fact that the region within envelopes the heart, which is a vital life-giving organ. A chest pain is associated with Congestive Heart Failure or CHF. Although, the reason may be less threatening, but a pain originating in the chest is never overlooked.

Medical science tackles the problems associated with angina and CHF with prescribed use of nitrates. Nitrates work as vasolidators, which in medical science means that they help to stretch and widen the vital blood vessels, to improve the flow of blood. They ensure the pumping of oxygen-enriched blood to the heart, thus reducing the fatal consequences of a heart failure.
Nitrates are marketed by the various pharmacies under popular brand names like: Dilatrate-SR, IMDUR and ISMO. However, while on such medication, the patient is advised to stay away from smoking and drinking because while the former decreases the effect of the drugs administered, the latter actually increases the effect.

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