How Can I Build Confidence In My Personality?


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Confidence is the ability to face the world full of challenges. Every one is blessed with this ability, but some are very much aware of the fact that they are blessed with this gift and some does not know or they are put in some certain circumstances that they are made to think this ability or blessing does not exist for them any more.
In your case I can consider you are from the second group of people. You must be under the pressure of some external circumstances or environment which makes you think that you are not confident.
You must be under pressure from friends, family or from colleagues. So to come out of that pressure will make you confident. Start facing them with a positive tone. What made them confident and made you not is the perception in your mind. They are what they are ad you are what you are. You can not be the one as they want you to be. So be yourself and respect yourself.
Know and observe the environment you are in. Analyse the persons, who make fun of you or criticize your work, what they do is now your job to analyse. Criticize on their work if you find it wrong and praise their good work. You will start receiving the same in reply. This will help boost your level of confidence further.
Have a good confident life ahead.
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Helping others less fortunate than you are, can do a lot to help you, volunteer work helping disabled people,helping the old aged, or anything that can give you a sense of purpose in life.
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As what Arty says (LOL I lve it) , it takes time to build back up what was once lost , it may be that people have put you down in the past or/and you have expereinced situations that have put you in a awkward position but confidence and self-esteem my friend is bulit back up when the person themself starts to get back up on their own two feet and realise that they have much more steering their way which no doubt you do. Only you can help yourself , you can make yourself believe that the only way to overcome is to face it and live with it and eventually your fear will run itself down and you can be you again! Step by step of course , rushing into it may scare you a little! So slowly slowly you can build it all back up! By setting yourself challenges and then completing them and taking risks and doing things you normally wouldn't do , because believe me , it may seem scary at first but once accomplished theres no feeling like it! Like you've done something you thought you'd never do! Good Luck!
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To gain confidence in yourself, you should have a clear conscience. You should remove all the negativity in your mind and should be highly optimistic about each and every thing. Pessimistic attitudes will always demoralise you and never make you work harder. An open mind will always make a man confident. The key is to believe in yourself and always remember you can do and achieve everything you desire. If you get nervous and any point of time, all you have to do is to close your eyes and take a deep breath. This will enable you to clear your mind and completely focus on what you are going to do next. Self motivation and positive attitude helps a lot to bring confidence in you.
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It takes a long time with baby steps to build self confidence and esteem in oneself. Set small goals every day,week, month and so forth and accomplish them and work yourself up until youre set
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First ask yourself some easy questions. What do you like to do in your work or spare time? What are you good at? What are your personal interests? Do you have any natural talents? Use your answers to search your heart for what you may be able to do next by practicing, or re-learning an old rusty skill. You may wish to join your local Y.M.C.A. To get some socially interactive activities going too. Swimming is an easy one for almost anyone. Or get a freind or loved one to go bowling with you once or twice per week, and only for 20-30minutes or so..unless you have the money to play more games. Don't compete or worry about your performance either, just do it for fun!
Another really super way to boost your own self confidence is to learn something new! This can easily be achieved by self teaching books, CD's, or the internet to do study..or you can enroll at a voctec. School or commun. College. If you have a disability then you probably qualify for some really good assistance to attend school. I would suggest starting off slowly, and simply. Also make a list of short term goals, and a list of longer term goals. Have your counselor help you if you have one. If not then a freind or family member who knows you well can help too! But don't give up, There are a zillion ways to increase your "self image power"! I can't stress enough how important and helpful goal setting is. Even if it means just  going out everyday for a simple walk. You can set an easy goal for yourself first by saying; "I'll walk to the next block up" and "in 2days, I'll go one more block" so by end of the month, you can have a goal time to be able to reach 5-6 blocks round trip; and then keep it up everyday or every other day. Doesnt have to be that many blocks really, to be helpful!
Keep a consistent schedule going for your daily routines and take as best care of you as possible!..God bless you dear one...
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Confidence is something that everyone has to build up. That is the advantage of experience and growing older - it builds your confidence!

Confidence is all about knowing yourself. That is why experience, whether it is external or internal is so important to building confidence. If you know how you act in certain situations or what feelings you have inside, you are naturally more self-realized. You will exude confidence. Therefore, to build confidence, seek out new experiences. You could try anything you have an interest in - acting, scuba diving, or a new role at work. You can also find 'internal experiences' by looking in to yourself. Meditation and writing are two activities that can build your 'inner experience'.

Don't forget, building confidence is about embracing the painful experiences as well as the happy ones. Someone who has tried things and failed a few times will have more confidence than someone who only does those things in which they know they will succeed. The latter person is fearful of failure. The person who embraces all life's experiences will find amazing confidence, because they are no longer afraid.
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One of the main things you have to do is not worry about what other people think about you and just be yourself. If you like something someone else doesn't, oh well. Wear something that you are comfortable in. Don't hide yourself. Smile at people, and try not to walk with your head down. Keep your head held high and just be happy! Good Luck :)
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Just be confident about your work .....and just be true ... With that very first believe in is as simple as that...and be always punctual to everyone, loyal ..;and do your best

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