What Is Normal Blood Pressure For 50 Year Old Female?


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The blood pressure of a 50 year-old female should be 116 (systolic) and 81 (diastolic) at its minimum and should not exceed 142 (systolic) and 89 (diastolic). This should be the same figures for people between 50 and 54.

The systolic blood pressure refers to the heart’s ventricles when they contract and push blood through the veins, whereas the diastolic pressure measures the pressure when your heart is resting and in between heart beats. If your blood pressure exceeds the figures shown above regarding the maximum for that age range, then serious health problems could materialise from it. This can include damage to the heart and other organs so it is very important to get high blood pressure treated as soon as possible.

Treatment will usually consist of starting a non-pharmacological therapy which will include an array of various processes geared to your specific problems. These could be prioritising weight reduction for obese people, avoiding excessive alcohol intake or encouraging aerobic exercise. On the other hand, a use of anti-hypertensive drugs may be issued for people who have exceeded the diastolic pressure figure of 81 to regulating at 90 or more. In addition, these same drugs could be used if the systolic pressure is recorded higher than the normal rate of 142.

A result of low blood pressure could create feelings of dizziness or fatigue as well as lack of concentration and fainting. In this case you may want to consider adding salt to your diet or taking vitamins regularly. In addition, carrying out moderate exercise and sticking to a healthy diet will help treat low blood pressure.
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There is no certain blood pressure for certain ages, but the goal blood pressure for a 50 year old female without other health issues involved is 140/90. Hope that helps.
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129/48 blood pressure for woman 78

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