What About Blood Pressure Reading Of 108/70 Is This To Low For A 50 Year Old Man?


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No, don't be alarmed. 108/70 is on the lower side of normal. A good systolic ("top" number) reading is anywhere from 90-120 (sometimes 130, depends on who you're talking to). A good diastolic ("bottom" number) reading anywhere from 60-90.
Size/weight plays a part. Naturally, a thinner man/woman is going to have a lower reading than a larger person. Someone who takes anti-hypertensive (or commonly called blood pressure-reducing) medications will have a lower pressure. If you haven't eaten or drank fluids (water, not alcohol) it will be lower; it is also usually lower at night. If you suddenly stand or sit up it can drop, have been sick (dehydration can cause it to drop) and sometimes some side effects of other medications can cause a lower pressure. And some people just normally have a lower blood pressure than others.

A dangerously low blood pressure is when it is around 80's/40's or lower.

Did you get this reading from a home monitor? If so, be careful with automated cuffs you buy in the store, they can be off by a lot or completely incorrect.

Usually other signs and symptoms accompany very low blood pressure and that is when you should seek expert medical advice. If you feel light-headed and dizzy, short of breath, have an actual black-out episode (so-called "syncope") then you need to find out what is going on through your personal physician or by going to your Emergency Room.
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That is getting to be a concern at that point, you should have him go and see the doctor as soon as you can, there can be something going on to cause this to be happening all of a sudden. If you are terribly concerned, you should go now. Hope this helps, good luck to you and he.

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