High White Blood Cell Count And High Liver Enzyme Count? Meaning? Don't Know If Anyone Answered It, If Someone Did, I Don't Know How To Read It.


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We are not a medical authority and are unable to answer this question for you. We recommend you ask any medical questions to a doctor or the medically qualified.
  • High white blood cell count
There are many meanings that a high white blood cell count can have. According to www.mayoclinic.com/health/high-white-blood-cell-count, it is an increase of the disease fighting cells. Your blood has disease fighting cells called leukocytes. The threshold of what is high and what is not will actually vary from doctors. In children it can also vary with age and sex. This is why as an online site we cannot tell you the exact issue with the high white blood cell count.

  • High liver enzyme count
Using www.mayoclinic.com/health/elevated-liver-enzymes it was found that high liver enzymes can indicate damage or inflammation to the cells. This can happen with an injured liver such as one that has been hit, but it can also occur if there is a disease affecting the body.

The information provided on the website is by Mayo Clinic staff. This means that it is no indication of what could really be wrong with your body should you have elevated white blood cells and liver enzymes.

Anyone that has this issue does need to check with the proper medical authority. Only a doctor can really tell if there is something to worry about in your body or someone you know. If this is a question for a test or other purpose it is also best to check a proper medical authority such as a medical textbook used by trainee doctors or to speak with a doctor.

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High white blood count and high liver enzymes indicate that you are fighting something off. You may have a liver disease (hep b,c,or viral a, cirrhosis etc) and your white blood cells are fighting that off.. Mono can cause elevated liver enzymes and WBC can can be elevated in a result of fighting off that infection
White blood cells fight off infections..
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My doctor just informed me that my white blood cells are a little high, how can that be treated?
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Elevated WBC's sometimes indicates bacterial infection. That is usually treated with antibiotics. Unless he tells you different I would not worry about it. If you are still really concerned ask your Doctor. God Bless...Nanny

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