I Have A Polyp On My Lung. What Do You Think?


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Polyps are more rare in the lung than in other organs in the body; in fact, a doctor may well dissent with your view that a lung can have a polyp at all. Abnormal tissue growths that project from a mucous membrane, polyps more commonly affect the colorectal passageway and can cause cancerous growth.
They can either grow directly from the wall of an organ tissue (the term for these is ‘sessile’) or are attached to it by a stalk in a ‘pedunculated’ manner. They can very easily be removed, though. In the lungs, it is more likely that premalignant tissue takes the form of scaly metaplasic plate-like cells with irregular shapes, which can invade the underlying tissue.
In any case, if you are sure it is a polyp then consult a physician who can give you professional guidance on the matter. It could well be that it is cancerous growth and, if malignant, would be a grievous matter, so the quicker you act on the complaint, the better. In general terms, polyps can cause cystic fibrosis by making breathing difficult due to the blocking of nasal cavities, and their immediate removal is strongly advised. Other symptoms of colorectal polyps include rectal bleeding and bloody stools, which contributes to nausea and fatigue.
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A polyp is benign growth. Your son having polyp on lungs due to smoking. His all other problems are also due to smoking. There are some growths or polyps in our body which are benign but can lead to cancer, Go for further test to avoid future complications.
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I have had polyps before but not in/on the lung.when I had mine they cut them out and sealed them .but mine were non cancerous....I don't know what your situation is but I would say it is more serious when they are in the lung.if it is on the outside of the lung and you have not waited to long they should be able to treat it fairly easy...mine was a in and out surgery(1 day)...but in the end it depends on what the doctor and surgeon thinks..since I am not a doctor you should discuss this with a doctor more than one if you have the ability to...later : )
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