When Does Blood Coagulate?


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The process of blood clotting or blood coagulation is actually a defense mechanism on behalf of the human body. If a person gets a wound on his body out of which blood is flowing, the process of blood clotting or blood congealing hampers the continuous flow of blood. If the blood would not clot, then it would continue to stream and there would be a high probability of major blood loss, which would further result in many other complications like weakness or dizziness and sometimes even death.

As a matter of fact, the phenomenon of blood-clotting is the first step on nature's behalf to heal the wound. Firstly it prevents any further loss of blood and secondly it builds a scaffold for a new tissue. This is done with the help of a chemical process that occurs in the plasma, the fluid content of the blood. This process enables the production of thromboplastin (which is produced by the platelets). The production of thromboplastin changes the fibronigin( a blood protein) into fibrin. As a result, the spongy network of fibrin connects the edge of the wound thwarting the loss of any further blood cells. In most instances, a scab veneers the wound as a form of protection.

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