Can You Sue Someone For Giving You Herpes?


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Laws vary based upon where you live. In general you can sue someone for giving you herpes in the United States. The tort is called "wrongful infection of a sexually transmitted disease.” The Pingleton Law Firm in Columbia, MO successful argued that an unmarried person can sue for the negligent transmission of the herpes virus in the Missouri Court of Appeals in 2000. However, there are various things you will need to discuss with your lawyer before filing a tort.

There is a statute of limitations involved with this case. The actual length of time you have to file differs from state to state, so you will need to check with your lawyer. The time at which the statute of limitations begins can also vary from when you started seeing symptoms to when you were officially diagnosed.

The law also only allows for monetary recompense. At this time there is no cure for the herpes virus. Legal damages should include life-long medical care and treatment including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, and therapy and counseling. In some cases the extra care for high-risk pregnancy can be included as there is a risk of the infant being infected with the herpes virus. Pain and suffering may also be included as well as punitive damages.

However, in order for the tort to be successful, you will need to prove that the defendant knew or should have known that he or she was infected with the herpes virus. This may be proven through the defendant’s medical records, testimony, or through the testimony of previous sexual partners. Furthermore, you will need to prove that you were not aware that the defendant was infected with the herpes virus at the time of transmission. Finally, you will need to prove that you were infected by the defendant and not by someone else.

The best course of action would be to speak with a lawyer and go over the facts so that the lawyer can give you a professional opinion about filing a tort.
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Cold sores are not!! The same type of herpes! You could not prove that that one person gave you herpes.. You could have had it and not known unless that is the only person you had sex with
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Yes you can sue someone for giving you herpes, but only if they knew it!
I had this same issue. I also had proof because he was writing me on myspace when I broke you with him and he was bragging about giving me herpes. He thought it was funny that he gave me herpes since I broke up with him!!... So yes, you can sue for someone knowingly giving you herpes.
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When I was first diagnosed it felt like my womanhood was snatched from me. I felt trapped, alone, embarrassed and ashamed.

My boyfriend had given it to me and just said it didnt matter because we were not going to break up. But I hated him, not only for that but I genuinely did not love him. However he was offering a small hope at normalcy and a judge free relationship.

I was trapped. When he and I ended I was very frighted that I would sink into a depression. I meditated and tried to remind myself that the condition did not define me and life moved on. But it felt like something precious and beautiful was tainted.

I joined to prove to myself that their was still life and love out there. I never imagined I would meet someone. A gentleman who has been kind, sweet and patient. With him I have felt beautiful, sexy, and empowered again. Its still new and although I am madly head over heels I do not know where it will end. What I do know is that I have meet wonderful people on this site who are looking for companionship. I am looking at my love life optimistically.

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Well, I threatened my ex-boyfriend with that and he never said anything.  Except..."I didn't say anything to you because I thought you wre the one who gave it to me."  Wow, and I had only been with him for 4 years. (we were apart two, but I was not with annyone else 120%).  He tends to lie a lot.  So.  I didn't persue it further because I did check with a couinseling service and there is not much you can do.  But, thereshould be a register of people who have it or at least make sure they next partner nows, because he willnot tell them., I am positive.
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If someone tried to sue me for giving them herpes I'd counter sue them for giving it to me!
but, and I'm no expert, doesn't everyone have herpes and it's just a matter of them being active or not?
coldsores are herpes. (active)
sorry, you don't stand a chance.
hope this helps.
oh, you should always use protection, and now you absolutely MUST use protection.

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