How long can you live with a brain hemorrhage?


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Paul Swift answered
I had a brain bleed for 2 weeks before I collapsed, I just couldn't take any more pain.
I never have headaches until I got this one, it was horrendous and every time I coughed or sneezed it felt like my right eye and top of my head were going to burst.
Don't be fobbed off by your Doctor, mine told me it was "just" blood pressure and for 2 weeks that was what he treated me for, back and forward every other day to him, he was useless.
I got 4 coils fitted and I came out after 10 days in intensive care and 7 days on the ward and I am just fine now, tired easy though and a bit forgetful but my god I can take that but not that headache.
You will know when you get this headache, the only way I can describe the pain is like a tooth abscess, if you have had one of those, transfer that pain to your head and multiply it over the area, that's what it was like, out of 10 I would say the pain was a 9.
DON'T HESITATE, get it sorted if any doubt, I was lucky and I was told that 1 in 3 don't even make it to the hospital so BE QUICK!!
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john rhoades answered
Quite a while. It really depends on the area affected and the risk factor for a major cerebral hemorrhage.
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yenrhiz estrada answered
4 months

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