Can A Child Grow Out Of Diabetes?


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If proper care is taken, diabetes in children can be controlled and its effects can be curtailed. With regular monitoring of blood sugar levels and insulin shots one can control blood sugar efficiently over a period of time.

The beneficial effects would be more if a balanced diet comprising wholesome foods like green leafy vegetables and salads, and certain fruits, milk and dairy products that contain sugar and fats in less quantity is taken. One should also avoid food items like red meat and desserts like cakes and the like. It is also important to take meals on time daily; ideally one should take 4 to 6 small sized meals in a day.

Daily exercise is extremely important as it helps in regulating blood sugar level and also strengthens the body by increasing muscle mass and stamina. One should also take proper care of the feet and not walk barefoot outdoors. Following a suitable and appropriate routine over a long period of time will help in managing diabetes with the result that one would hardly have to make any comprises due to it.

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