What Are Stress-related Diseases?


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Asthma is a big stress related disease. It is very often triggered by fear. There are some physical ties as well such as allergies and colds. These things need to be maintained so that the asthma does not become a problem. Headaches, stomach aches, high blood pressure, anxiety attacks (not sure if this is considered a disease) as well as other things I can't think of right now are all things that are diseases/physical ailments due to stress.
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Today, a large number of us live flashy lifestyles, thanks mainly to the huge pay packets that our places of work give us. However, along with this comes another unwanted visitor – stress. Stress has been found to affect most of us today, be it at work or at home. The human body does not have any in-built mechanism to deal with stress. The term stress itself refers to an extra exertion on the mind and the body, and this extra exertion often results in ill-health and disease. Nowadays, we find people in their mid-40s suffering from cardiac ailments, something unheard of a few decades back.

There are a large number of diseases associated with stress. Most of these are the common diseases that we all know about; the difference is that stress brings them to us at a much earlier age than before. Some of the common stress-related diseases are cardiac ailments, depression, high blood pressure, ulcers (usually peptic ulcers), indigestion, migraines, anxiety, psychological distress, lowered levels of immunity, respiratory ailments caused by excessive smoking (done in the mistaken belief that smoking would help ease stress), chronic aches and pains, etc. There are a number of other disorders and ailments associated with stress; however, these are the most commonly seen ones.
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I think DaisySarma pretty much summed it up...stress can cause things you would never think of and it really bites! Some stress is good, but when you start to notice signs of headaches, sluggishness, perhaps anxiety, depression, time to get it fixed! You have to find the "stressors" and deal with them. Good Luck!
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A lot of mental diseases are caused by stress.  Personality disorders, depression, anxiety.  A physical disease I know is ulcers.
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There are also diseases which may not initially be caused by stress, but can be made worse by it. These include autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Inflammatory Bowel disease, psoriasis.
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Multiple mother has this disease..also heart diseases can be caused by stress.
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Some stress related diseases include heart diseases, chronic
fatigue, migraines, headaches, colds, flu, viruses, pain in the body, depression,
sleeping problems like insomnia, high blood pressure, mood swings, eating disorders
and ulcers and anxiety/panic attacks. 
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Hi I see this a lot in my sergery some stress related disease can cause high blood pressure and could trigger some diseases. I was stressed a lot going through medical school and I tried meditation to relax and now I'm a Buddhist but you don't need to be a Buddhist to do meditation. Try it, don't rush relax .

      Take care

Dr davidxxx

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