What Are Early Signs Of Liver Disease?


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  • Jaundice
This is one of the first symptoms of liver disease. The persistence of jaundice shows that there is an issue with either the gall bladder or the liver. The symptom is where the color of the skin turns from the normal color to more of a pale yellow, or an orange color. The white parts of the eyes will usually turn yellow, too. The primary function of the liver, of course, is the production of bile, and when it is not processing the old venous blood properly and not producing bile like it should, this symptom occurs in people.

Jaundice can sometimes be accompanied by things like flu, too. If you are experiencing all of this then you really do need to go and speak to a medical facility. They will find out whether you have a gall bladder infection, acute hepatitis or some kind of liver disease.

  • Digestion and appetite
This is another most notable symptom of a liver disease. A simple fall in appetite will be the initial problem, and weight loss will be the next. The situation can in fact be worsened due to the fact that the liver is not functioning properly, and there will be a problematic metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates within the body.

Because of this poor appetite, the situation can get worse still and start turning into anemia. Vomiting, diarrhea and nausea will be on their way as well, which means the body will soon turn incredibly weak. Sometimes, blood will come out in vomit, especially if there is a gastric ulcer in your body.

If you are experiencing any symptoms then you need to visit a doctor. They will diagnose and provide you with the treatment that you require.
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Early signs of liver diseases are: Poor appetite, weight loss, polyuria/ polydipsia, lethargy, anemia, light colored stool, bleeding, distended abdomen, and vomiting.
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Early signs are difficult to dtermine without blood tests. You need to know what your liver numbers look like. The hard part with liver disease is many times there are NO early symtons. The jaundice and lethergy are not early signs...they come much later. Fatigue and mild abdominal discomfort can be early signs. I suggest you get to a doctor for a complete workup.
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The early signs of liver disease consists of eating disorder leading to rapid weight loss,excessive water drinking and urinating,weakness and lethargy.
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I was asking specifically about Palmer erythema. Is that a sign of liver problems?

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