What Kind Of A Doctor Do I Need To See For Shingles?


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julie corley answered
Your family doctor should be able to treat your shingles, if not he should refer you to a Dermatologist. Shingles follow a nerve line in the body and can be very painful. They are caused by the same virus that causes Chicken pox. And you are only susceptible to Shingles if you have had Chicken Pox.
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nettie answered
I would suggest a medical doctor and a dermatologist because when it comes to your skin it has to be treated from the inside out, this means the cause of the problem is internal and once the internal problem is cared for it shows on the outside so that is the purpose for using both doctors...the best to you...
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Deborah Wacker answered
Your regular Dr will do and if he feels you need a specialist he will refer you to one. You may want to talk to him about the shot they have now for shingles or for the prevention of. It is a little expensive but well worth it.

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