How Does Acidity Occur And How Can It Be Cured?


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Acidity occurs in a person when his stomach and digestive tract secretes more than the required amount of acids to digest food. Generally, this is how the digestive mechanism works – the food you eat goes down the digestive tract and reaches the stomach and intestine. Once there, the gastric glands in the stomach and the anterior part of the intestine secrete digestive juices, which are nothing but acids. These acids help in the digestion of the food particles present inside the stomach and the intestine. This is how acidity is triggered off.

However, excessive production of acids is not triggered off by food alone. In many people, emotional distress, nervousness, and stress as well. Other factors that cause acidity include consumption of alcohol and spicy food. Lack of rest, in the form of an improper or disturbed sleep cycle, can also cause acidity. The cure for acidity is quite simple. In cases where acidity is caused by disturbed sleep cycles, lack of rest, emotional distress, etc., taking care of the primary problem can cause the acidity to stop.

This may require a change in the lifestyle, or at least the introduction of rest and relaxation regimens. The other way is of course to follow a proper, non spicy diet, and also taking medication, if the acidity is extreme. Prescribed medication usually includes antacids, which are available either as tablets, capsules, or liquids.

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