What Damage Can High Potassium Cause?


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Potassium is very important mineral which is present in human body. It assists activity of nerves, contraction of muscle and keeping the fluids balancing. When kidneys stop working then potassium will increase in the blood which is very dangerous. Too much surplus of potassium might weaken the body muscles. Like the heart muscles, high potassium levels in the body can be the cause of abnormal heart beat or can even stop the heart beat. There are no symptoms of high potassium in the blood so potassium intake must be closely monitored. Potassium is found in nearly in every food like in milk, oranges, bananas, dried beans, tomatoes, and potatoes. Potassium is not present in fats and sugar. Salt alternate and sodium-free baking powder are also having extremely high potassium.

High potassium level in the human blood is known as hyperkalemia. If potassium level in blood cannot be kept at a proper point then use prescribed medicine and eats controlled and balanced diet. The amount of potassium in body can be handled but depends on kidney functioning level.
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In states that have lethal injection as a method to execute criminals, potassium is used to stop their hearts.  High levels of potassium can kill.  Thats why people who have renal disease and are on dialysis have to watch their potassium levels since their kidneys are no longer good at removing potassium from you blood.

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