I Have A Pulsating Sensation At The Base Of My Throat That Comes And Goes. It Later Shifts To My Stomach. Why Does This Happen?


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The reactions of the human anatomy when in pain or distress are as unique as its design. Pulsation within the throat helps to remove bacteria from the throat and increases the circulation to the organ. This in turn, makes more white blood cells, which are the body's natural defense against invading contagions. This safe, simple and drugless means of self healing is an important alternative at a time when the effectiveness of drugs is diminished. This diminishing of the effect of drugs may be on account of the rapid appearance of drug-resistant diseases.

Your query is valid and it is but natural that you should question the sensation that seems to be shifting. This could be the result of an internal damage along the inner wall while swallowing something crisp or with sharp edges. Nevertheless, the shift in pain should be shown to your doctor and you should not delay it any further. The right and timely diagnosis helps to detect an internal problem before it gets too late. It may be nothing at all, but why take a chance? You should observe when the sensation is most felt and the duration of each pulse. This information will help in quick diagnosis.

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