What Would Cause Your Upper Lip To Swell Overnight?


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When we sleep there are many different things can make out bodies change without us realizing. If you upper lip is going to swell overnight then it is simply nothing to worry about.

• The way that you are sleeping

The way in which you are sleeping is going to have the most impact when it comes to why you lip is going to swell overnight. You may be sleeping on the area in a strange way and therefore it is going to get hold and swell up. If this is the case then you are not going to have anything to worry about and you are not going to have to seek any medical help or advice.

• Fluid

If it does not go down during the day then it is going to be a good idea to ensure that you seek medical advice as there may be fluid within your upper lip which is causing it to swell. This may get worse overnight because you are going to be warm and you are going to be irritating it as opposed to leaving it alone.

If you are worried then it is going to be best that you ensure that you seek medical help with the swelling that you have, if not, then it is likely that you are simply going to be sleeping in strange way and therefore you are not going to have anything to worry about.

It may be a good idea to ensure that your room is not as warm when you are sleeping and this may stop your lip from swelling when you are asleep. If you are still having trouble with the swelling then it is going to be best that you see your GP to see if there are going to be any underlying problems which you cannot see.
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Sounds like you are having an allergic reaction to something you are eating or maybe a product you are using on your skin. If it continues, maybe you should think about seeing a doctor.
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As said by tamarind,there are to many things that can cause this to happen I suggest you see a doctor. It could be a allergy,bug bite,infection or illness.
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The symptoms of sunburn are redness of the skin, followed by pain, edema, itching, rash, nausea, peeling of skin and fever. All problems related with the sunburn can start from few seconds to 30 minutes under sun exposure. Your problem of lip swelling can be due to ant bite or due to neosporin lip balm. Take anti allergy medicines or visit to doctor for proper treatment.
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First start your self on anti-histamines which you get over the counter, 1 pill every eight should apply cool towels for 20 mins and then 5 mins of warm towels....repeat until swelling reduces or disappears...this will reduce the swelling soon..... Its not good to spent so much time in the sun, the sun these couple of years has been causing cancers, so be careful...hope I helped...
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I had epi shots earlier today, the swelling is getting worst? Help!
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I have the same problem after I've been in the sun too long My lips look like angelina jolie's .They really swell up. I use ice packs and try to stay out of the sun afterwards Also use lip balm with spf in it
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The HSV virus can be triggered by sunburns or trauma to the lips..this will make your lips swell and forms clusters of clear liquid filled blisters that burst and cause a cold sore. Only a Dr. Can help I would suggest seeing one soon.

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