What Does 'Not Curable, But Treatable' Mean?


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“Not curable, but treatable” means that a condition can be kept under control, but there's no way of getting rid of it completely.

The phrase can apply to conditions that can be managed completely, or to those that can be kept at bay for a limited amount of time.

Some conditions will require daily home treatment, whereas others might need hospital treatment every few months - it all depends on what you're suffering from.

Even if a disease can't be cured, it's still possible to live a perfectly happy life if you get it treated!

What Medical Conditions Are “Not Curable, But Treatable”?
  • Diabetes - This requires daily treatment in the form of insulin shots but, other than that, diabetics should still be able to live perfectly normal lives.
  • Cancer - Some forms of cancer can be treated, with life expectancy being extended for up to ten years, but there is currently no cure for the disease.
  • HIV - Drugs and lifestyle changes can extend life expectancy and alleviate symptoms
  • Herpes - Once you have herpes, it can flare up at any time. However, these episodes can be treated with medicines and ointments.
  • Arthritis - Pain and swelling can be treated, but the condition can’t be totally cured.
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It means that the condition can be kept under control to a point, but it will not go away permanently.

Some conditions have to be managed daily (like diabetes) whereas others may only need treatment occasionally (like herpes or allergies), but they will still flare up from time to time. Hope this helps!

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