I Have Terrible Thigh Cramps On The Inside Of My Thigh What Are They Caused From And How Do I Prevent Them?


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In my personal experience, I suffered a blood clot. If you are suffering with cramps, drink a lot of water for the next couple of days. You might have some mild dehydration going on.
If you develop a hot spot in the groin of the leg paining you, your leg swells up, and you are in a lot of pain, you need to go to the doctor right away.

Other wise, you can massage the area after drinking water, use a menthol ice and heat rub, take a very warm bath, and massage it while you are in the tub.
Hope this helps you out.
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I have had these very terrible pains, I run a lot and do try and keep my water up but it still occurs.  I find if I come home, sit down and put up my feet on a stool, there are times nothing and then there are times the cramps occur.  This is the same if you go to bed, the muscle relaxed and then straightens are tightens up and you have a problem.  I have found no cure for this except to literally walk in circles around the house. However, as I mentioned it only ever seems to happen after I do a lot of running.

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