If I Have Leg Cramps, Does That Mean I Am Low In Potasium?


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It can mean that yes however there are also many other causes for leg cramps. Leg cramp is a spasm of the leg muscle which causes pain and severe aching in the area. Sometimes leg cramps have no real known cause and just happen or may be triggered by an unusual movement of the leg. However, others can be triggered by other underlying problems such as low potassium which you mentioned. Other causes should be investigated if these are a regular occurrence especially if low potassium levels are rectified and they are still experienced. Other possibilities include:

- Taking certain types of drugs; recreational or prescribed including diuretics of anything which may alter bodily hormone or substance levels.
- Over use of muscles, especially if you have not been keeping hydrated. This can also cause cramp in that if your exercising hard you may be using up too much salt and would therefore need to replace this salt loss to prevent cramp.
- As a result of a previous injury. If you have broken a bone, pulled a ligament or had muscle injury in the past you may be more susceptible to leg cramps.
- Conversely you may have rest cramps which are usually experienced by young children or elderly adults and tend to occur during the night. The cause of these is not known; although some suggest changing the position in which you sleep.

There are many other causes in addition to those listed above, if cramps continue and are frequent it may be worth making an appointment with a GP just to check there is no serious underlying cause.
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Bananas will help with cramps in the legs .I've done a lot of walking and running and got a lot of cramps in my legs,now if due to a vit.def.not known only do know bananas helps this issue.
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No, just the opposite. Too much potassium, called hyperkalemia, causes over excitability in muscles. It is a well-circulated myth that if your muscles are cramping you're low on potassium, but that is absolutely the opposite of reality. But this is probably not his problem unless he has kidney disease or some other underlying health problem. More likely, he is dehydrated. I would advise plenty of fluid intake with a healthy diet and a daily multivitamin, as well as lots of gentle stretching. If it doesn't go away, go to the doctor to rule out any serious problems.
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Get him to try some magnesium supplements. Magnesium deficiencies are definitely associated with severe muscle cramping. Lots of hard physical exercise can bring on the deficiency.

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