What Causes Deep Inner Thigh Pain?


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There are many potential causes for deep inner thigh pain. One such cause would be a hernia. A hernia can easily cause pain in the inner thigh and groin area. These can be caused simply through an injury, however, there are other causes for the problem. These causes could be chronic constipation, pregnancy, a congenital weakness of the abdominal wall (which can be really serious), or simply obesity. A hernia can cause other symptoms in the body, including muscle weakness and bulges in the groin area. If you notice bulges, get to the doctor as soon as you can to talk about how to deal with the problem.

Kidney stones are a potential cause, too. These can cause pain that becomes focused on the groin and thigh area. Kidney stones are masses that form from substances present in your urine, and some cases of stones can cause heat exhaustion, heart attacks and even acute pancreatitis. Hence, if you know you’ve had problems with them in the past and you’re experiencing deep inner thigh pain, then you need to see somebody about it as soon as you can.

Orchitis could be the problem, too. This is the swelling of the testicles, and is a condition that easily causes pain that stretches down from the groin area to the inner thigh. The treatment for orchitis is relatively simple. The doctor will provide you with antibiotics, but on top of this you are going to need plenty of bed rest, scrotum support and analgesics to control the pain. Orchitis, however, is often a symptom for even more serious conditions that include syphilis, gonorrhea or even cancer. Get to see a doctor as soon as possible if you have this symptom.

There are many other potential causes, but it remains that you should go and see a doctor as soon as you are able.
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What causes pain from the groin area running down to the inner thigh and back area. Cannot move pain is so severe.
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In the last few yrs I have had (without warning) severe inner thigh pain that is just from the top of my inside thigh to my knee it happens maybe every two to three months and is so severe it makes my vomit and I cannot walk. The pain last anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes then stops.  I've thought of going to the hospital before but it never last long enough for them to see how it is affecting me..Can you help me with any ideas???
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Redlady, Im not sure when you posted this question, but I am having the exact pain. It only happens when I am sleeping. I usually wake up just as the pain begins to set in. I knw it isnt a cramp although that is the closest pain I can relate it to, multiplied by two. Have found any information on this?
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A burning thigh pain is usually when one gets a high burning sensation from the other side of the leg. It also means that some kind of a large sensory nerve is highly been compressed. This is also medically known as meralgia paresthetica.

Some of the signs and symptoms are tingling and a very bad burning sensation or even a kind of numbness. You might also possibly get some kind of pain in the groin area and next the pain moving all the way to the buttocks. It could also be only to one side of the body and even with a light touch you will feel pain and some kind of pressure.

You will need to take a complete x ray in order to figure out where is the burning sensation. You may have to go through both an abdominal and a pelvic examination to find the actual problem.

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