What Is A Complicated Breast Cyst And Does This Always Indicate Cancer Or Precancer Cells?


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You will never be sure of this until you go and talk to your doctor about this problem. Breast cysts are without question a troublesome problem which causes many people a lot of stress and worry, but finding them as soon as you can and getting to the doctor for treatment and discussion is the best way of ruling out any chance of you suffering long term from any kind of cancer.

Any rapid growing lump would cause concern, and knowing what to look for during a self breast examination can stop you from suffering in the long run. Remember you are simply looking for any kind of lump that has not been there or noticeable previously. Cysts are a round and hard benign composition of glandular cells and fibrous cells. They are incredibly common and sometimes are not a cause for concern, so they of course do not always indicate that you are suffering from cancer.

The cause of breast cysts is currently unknown so it's a very difficult area, according to the US May Clinic. Breast cysts appear when the fibrous and the glandular tissue that surrounds the milk gland actually blocks the milk duct. This causes it to enlarge and start filling with fluid. Often this kind of cysts will pop within a week or so, just before the menstrual cycle. Hence, the cysts can grow rapidly up until the week before menstruation and they will then disappear.

If you have any concerns then the best thing for you to do is go and see your doctor. They will be able to advise you on the kind of cyst you are suffering from and what can be done to help your problem, if the cysts even need treating at all.
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Breast Cysts are fluid sacs in the breast. Cause of these are unknown. These can be of different size. It can happen to any women between 40 - 60.
Breast cysts are benign. They are not precancer cells.

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A cyst is a sack of fluid. They are not only in the breast but anywhere in the body. They don't always mean that there are cancerous cells. So no it doesn't always indicate cancer...it's just sort of like a map to know where to look IF there ARE cancerous cells.
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I have complicated cyst with internal echoes with a calcified rim at 6:00, 3cm from the nipple measuring 0.4 x0.4x0.4 cm What should be done about it?

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